Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Who are you?
Ilk. 93, France.

How come did you choose this tag and when did you start to writing it?
Because my name is Ludovilk. Started graffiti in 1998.

According to the GBB staff,you are one of the best artist in europe, Can you tell us something about your style?
Thanks guys. I think my style is a mix between things i love : old cartoons and gore horror stuffs.

Have you ever painted trains? 
Always with other names. In France it’s better to be prudent with cops.

What did graffiti teach you?
Never keep trains stuffs at home and take care of internet spys.

What did it steal from you?
A normal life.


Tell us a bit about your crew..
It’s more than a crew, it’s real friends. I’m very close of Keno. Since many years we are chilling and working togeter almost everyday. We have a lot of excitings projects to come.

What are your best mates in this world?


What are your future projects and collaborations?
My next exhibitions are a collective show in Berlin (May) with Brus, Keno, Horfée, 2Shy, Mina, Yeemd, Sexy.

Can you tell us what’s cracking it this period within the art and graffiti world?
Graffiti is an art, on moving supports like trains, walls. Maybe today writers begin older, and want to do some stuffs more “art” with brushes, acrylic or oils or i don’t know, something like less crazy rails jumps, more peacefull and tranquility.

What has been the advent of internet in the graffiti world?
Easier to everybody to sharing pictures. With the best and the worst.


Do you think that the France and Paris scene is particularly innovative these days and is changing the world of graffiti ?
I think yes, in paris we have a lot of amazing writers like Gues, Cokney, Tomek, Boris who did a graffiti very simple and innovative, spontaneus. Traditionnal graffiti with perfects 3D, lights, blabla is boring for me.

The last time that you fought with someone?
I’m very calm. But like Hulk. There is the extremely rare moment when i begin crazy and kill a man. Last time, i think 1 year ago in an opening.

The first time you had sex?
In my sister bed.

where and when you did your first piece?
On a train trackage somewhere in 93.

 Do you think that graffiti has copyrights?
I don’t know.

 Why mark tags like the cave men used to leave in the caves?
Because writing on walls is fun.

Why do you prefer to paint walls instead of have cocaine every night?
Because i never use drugs.


Hash or weed?
Forest fresh air.

Funk or 70’s Disco ?
Death & black metal.

Marrakech or Prague?

Hairy or shaved chicks?
Dead body chicks.

Weisse beer or Wisckey sour?

Crepes or Omelette?
Crepes, i’m breizh.


Mc Donalds or Burger King?
Fresh fish.

Henri Cartier Bresson or Robert Doisneau?
Kevin Russ.

Dadaism or Futurism?

Club or Dancehall?
Metal live.

Orangina or Fanta?

Gonzo XXX movie or story based HD porn?Sasha Grey.

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